Saturday, March 15, 2008


I was lost
In a dark vortex of empty
I had no feelings
I had no friends
Until a light shone
Bright in the darkness
You pulled me out
And held me close
I wasn't alone
The dark was gone
Now only light surrounds me
I know who I am
Now that I've been

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Death is something one should not fear

For there are far worse things that could happen in the world of the living

Therefore look foward upon death and remember this saying is true

Death is a journey

Death is an adventure

Death is a presious treasure we should chearish

Weep not for the dead but weep for the living

For they are the unforunate souls

Who walk this earth until thier number is called

Then they walk though the open gates head held high

Free and unburdened from the life earth once held

Death is a pleasure

Think it not fearful

Be true to your self

Don't stray from the path

Death will be waiting to take you away

No name

Walking a long winding road

No where to call home

Walking blindly though darkness

Alone though the cold

In leaving this life

I must be exedingly bold

For one must not fear death, you see

One must relize there are worse things in the world of the living.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

What If...

What if everyone you ever loved was ripped from you

What if everything you thought was right was wrong

What if everyone laughed at you because your different

What if everyone hated you because your smart

What if your famliy was murdered and you were left with nothing

What if all you have was burned and distroyed

What if you were left with no money and no home

What if nobody cared

Would you still care about them

Would you try to turn back time

Would you reach out for tomorrow

Would you cry

Would you scream

Would you cut your wrist in fury

Would you put the gun to your head

Would you give up

Would you try to be better

What if.......Would you?


My parents were taken away from me

I was only one

I dream about having a family that will love me

Care about me

Tell me their proud of me

I found my Godfather

I finaly thought I had a Father

For the first time I felt loved

But in my life

Good things don't last

He was also taken away

And I felt the void in my heart return

I sit in my room at night

Looking back though my memories

Tears stream down my pale face

I wish I could see you again

But I know in my Heart that I can't

Mabe one day Love will find me once more

Mabe Mabe Mabe


I stare up at the ceiling at night

Wondering if you are real

If you are out there

If you can see me

If you even know I exist.

They think its made up

They can't open thier minds

I know its possible

I know it could happen

Mabe your real

Or mabe your not

But until i die

I will search for you

Dream about you

And if I don't find you

I will die in denile

But if I do

I will die knowing the truth

Knowing that they were wrong

And I was right

I will hold you in my arms

Kiss you sweetly



Then I will die




You were Real.


Embrace me I scream

Embrace me I yell

Tell me I'm yours

And Embrace me forever

Until I die

Until we must part

Embrace me I cry Embrace me

Embrace me until the end